Let’s meditate ~ Fearlessness

Let’s meditate ~ Fearlessness

This hand’s gesture is called “Abhaya” Mudra and enhances peace and fearlessness.

Let’s Meditate

  • Sit on a comfortable pose, where your mind could be calm without care about your body posture.
  • Connect and observe the natural rhythm of your breath.
  • Create the intention “Ι’m in inner peace with myself, I feel safe”. Repeat 3 times.
  • Bring your right hand on the side on the same line of your shoulder with your palm open. Hold your elbow close on the ribs, in a way that your shoulder doesn’t get tired. Bring your other hand in front of your belly on “Chin” mudra (touch index finger and thumb and keep the other fingers relaxed.
  • Let your whole existence experience and radiate Peace~Serenity~Fearlessness.

Continue this practice for as long as you like, given your body is still still and comfortable.


*Even if sometimes you are not in the mood to meditate, or you don’t have enough time, just connect mentally with a hand gesture (like the above knowing the meaning of it), a cosmic symbol, an idea or a quality….

Τraining of the mind can be done throughout the day, not only the time you sit down to meditate.

This, in time, will help you to meditate more easily.