Holistic Approach of Movement

Practice with me

The years of training, study and experience of teaching people with different symptoms, have allowed her to transfer the benefits of Yoga to a therapeutic dimension, in span of the physical, energy and emotional level altogether.

The primary object of her classes is offering guidance for each practitioner to come in contact with his/her body and cultivate acceptance and understanding towards it.  Usually, people, especially in the West, due to stress and the intense pace of everyday living, lose their connection with their body, and, in turn, the body finds a way to talk to them through a pain or some disease. This kinesthetic is the most useful tool to continue to work with his/her body through asanas (poses) and all the other fundamental and therapeutic tools of Hatha Yoga which are:

  • Mudras (position of hands, body, e.t.c. that stimulate the Nervous System)
  • Pranayama (breathing techniques)
  • Dharana (concentration techniques, focusing of the mind)
  • Dhyana (meditation techniques)

The recitation of mantras (ancient Indian texts) is an integral part of her classes, bringing herself and everyone participating in her lesson closer to the sensation of having a lesson in India, the country which Maria loves very dearly and that is essentially the basis and the tradition of all that she embraces and carries through her teachings.

The experiential element along with the conscious functional use and evolution of the body that someone will gain from one of her lessons, is an experience he/she will definitely want to relive…

Briefly: HathaYoga – Nada Yoga – Yoga Therapy – Restorative Yoga are the systems of Yoga upon which the structure of her classes have been based.

On special occasions, such as workshops or retreats, “detoxification” is a subject she loves to share and advise others upon, through diet, satkarmas (detoxification techniques), and exercises (asanas) that the tradition of Hatha Yoga recommends.

Who is it for:

  • For those who want to exercise, regardless of their physical or spiritual level
  • For those who want to develop their practice, physically and spiritually
  • For those who want to eliminate stress and anxiety from their life
  • For people who want to learn how to meditate
  • For divers who want to increase their breathing ability
  • For those who want to increase their flexibility
  • For those who have musculoskeletal problems and lack of homogeneity
  • For those who suffer from chronic illnesses and/or diseases and require specialized procedures of exercising
  • Before, during and after pregnancy
  • For elderly people
  • For those who suffer from insomnia
  • For those who want to “detoxify” physically and spiritually
  • For teenagers who want to learn focusing and concentrating techniques which will help them cope with the stress of exams and to also get a more clear and conscious decisions about their lives and what they want to do in the future

If, for any reason, you cannot participate in her classes on a regular basis, you have the ability to book a personal appointment, upon request, during which you will be given the necessary guidance of practice and the therapeutic techniques that are appropriate especially for you. Learn about the health assessment that is required before your meeting.

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