I will tell you what reflexology means for me…

It came into my life accidentally, just as some things happen “accidentally” and change our whole life…

Reflexology, along with the teachings of my teacher Efrosini Stravelaki, where calling all of my pieces to complete themselves, and the new puzzle of my existence to start taking a new form as a future therapist.

Thus, starting to observe the everyday benefits, the reflexes that occurred, the emotions, the evrydyay functioning of my organs that was changing, without realizing I had become an observer of myself on all levels.

I began to listen to my body, to feel what it needed, what is good for it and what isn’t.

Chronic symptoms of digestive disorders were cured almost immediately.

I began to love my body… in a different way!

Since then and till today, almost 10 years after, my perspective has changed in everything I did and continue to do and in everything I offer.

I began to see with compassion every pain that occurs.

I discerned my “Ego” in my overexertion to do and manage everything.

And I realised the importance of resting and that: “It is ok not to do something sometimes”.

I tried to take better care of myself and to realise what a great gift it is that … simply: I HAVE ONE PAIR OF HANDS AND ONE PAIR OF LEGS.

To walk the paths of life.

And be able to offer and accept love through the hands, the heart, a look, a simple… touch.

A touch of life…

Thank you!

A few words about Reflexology in general

Reflexology is classified as “complementary medicine”, is considered a holistic therapeutic approach that embraces the individual as a whole, in order to bring about balance and harmony to the body, the mind and the spirit.

From the time of Hippocrates, health is defined as a state of balance and disease as a state of imbalance. In this balance, reflexology works and increases homeostasis and self-healing of the body. Most diseases of modern man can’t be cured yet, even with artificial drugs – drugs that rather tend to cause silent and long-term damage or “masquerade” an illness, than cure it.

The body heals itself… as long as we give it the chance to do so.

Our feet connect us to the ground, therefore they constitute the link between our earthly and spiritual life. They ground us, literally and figuratively. They form the basis, the foundation, as well as the contact with the Earth and the energies that flow within it.

All this happens because the feet are a perfect microcosm of the body. All the organs, glands and other body parts are mapped in the same provision on the feet like reflexes of the body parts. With the word reflex, we mean an involuntary or unconscious response to a stimulant. In reflexology, when the reflexes of the feet are stimulated, an involuntary reaction of the organs and the glands is caused, through the energy channels that connect them with these specific reflexes. The correct and combined stimulation of these reflexes, can significantly affect the state of our health.

One of the most important benefits of Reflexology is the state of relaxation it causes. The stressful circumstances we live in, gradually erode the body’s immune system, ultimately resulting in the appearance of an illness.  Through relaxation we achieve to reduce the negative effects of stress and by increasing homeostasis, reflexology helps us maintain and restore our health at its best and most ideal levels.

Historically, its application is classified around 5000 years ago with reference to China and India, as well as references that report it was applied in Greece by Asclepius in Epidaurus. It is said that he requested his patients washed their feet as a sign of purification, before they entered Asklepieion. Finally, findings have been discovered with representations in ancient Egypt.

In which cases is it advised as appropriate:

-Hormonal disorders, menstrual pain, menopause symptoms

-Headaches – migraines


-Musculoskeletal problems, neck pain, back pain, sciatica, arthritis, tendonitis

-Digestive problems (ulcers, constipation, flatulence, colitis)

-Lymph system (swelling, fluid retention )

-Circulation (not severe phlebitis or thrombosis)

-To address panic attacks

-Anxiety, stress, insomnia and many more

How long does a consultation last?

50′ mins – 1 hour

Does reflexology have any side effects?

There is no concept of side effect. It is a safe treatment, provided that it is exercised by a professional reflexologist.


Maria is a two-year graduate of the Reflexology and Research Centre in Paleon Faliro, as well as a one-year post graduate under supervision in the same school.