Thank you Maria from the depths of my heart for your wonderful, giving lesson.

Petty Lala

Yoga Therapy workshop 2009

Thank you for the good you offer to us all!

To our bodies but mainly to our souls…

Alexandra Nassou

Yoga Therapy workshop 2011

Thank you from the depths of my heart for the gift you gave me today and everyday.

Mary Varnava

Yoga Therapy workshop 2008

Thank you for all the wonderful things that have happened in my life since I met you! I love you!!!

Violetta Arseni

Mani - Summer Retreat 2011

May you always shine like the full moon of August in the sky!

May others look at you and have you as a guide!

With lots of love

Tzela Balourda

Full Moon Event 2010

Thank you for teaching me to love my body!

You awaken it slowly after being in lethargy.

With love

Anny Fysekidou

Yoga Therapy workshop 2011

We thank you for making our soul feel full and for increasing our consciousness and our awareness!

With love

Dolly Gennimata

Yoga Therapy workshop 2010

I wish you with all my heart Love, Light and Health to always be a part of your life.

Three values you offer to us all through your class and makes us feel lucky for having you in our lives.

Alexia Makris

Galaxidi – Spring Retreat 2014

Nothing happens accidentally in our lives.

Coincidences are there to prove this.

Thank you for the internal peace your practices have brought into my life!

I feel great joy that our paths have met.

Maro Abrazi

Kythira – Summer Retreat 2016

I feel lucky and blessed for having you in my life.

I want you to feel proud knowing that some people have become a better person because of your existence in their lives!

Thank you and I love you.

May you always be happy with lots of love and light in your life.

Eleana Kirkili

Limni Evias – Detox Retreat 2011

As always, I leave light, happy, with the joyous mood of a child that has played with all his heart…

Thank you once again for being along my path and illuminating it!

I love you

Sofia Alexopoulou

Halkida – Detox Retreat 2015

Teacher, thank you for everything… for all the spiritual levels you have helped me go up and for helping me discover them through a different view…

For the peace and the tranquillity you brought into my life, for the strength you made me find in me that I didn’t know was there…

For making me overcome myself!

I love you very much!

Georgia Kostara

Amorgos – Summer Retreat 2014

I am grateful for having you in my life and I wish you all the best in your life!

Health – Love – Light!

Thank you for everything…I love you!

Ifigenia Karayiorga

Theologos – Detox Retreat 2010

“If you don’t believe in miracles… they get angry.

I believed in this journey.

‘It was a dream.

It was a miracle.

Thank you…


Mara Katza

India Retreat 2016

You are incredible!!!

All this energy you give us and we receive is special!

Thank you for everything I have lived and everything I have learnt by your side and for everything that I will continue to live and learn by your side….

May you always be well!

Pigi Soba

India Retreat 2016

My dear Maria, I want to say a great “Thank you” for showing me all the possible paths!

My life is more beautiful!

Thank you!!!

With Love,

Katrin Nassou

Yoga Therapy workshop 2009